Gotham Recasting Poison Ivy For Season 3

Gotham's producers are looking to cast an actress in her late teens as Claire Foley's replacement

Other than dreaming about trying to get a few A-List actors from Batman films of the past. Gotham is a show that is current casting and now recasting certain key roles for the third series. One role being recast is that of Ivy Pepper who has been played by Clare Foley.

Foley’s Ivy though has not had the same development as Penguin or Riddler on the series. That said though. It is still sad to see Foley leave before the character was developed to much for another actor to take it on.

TV Line broke the news about the 14 – year old actresses departure from the series. Which will leave the door open for some new talent to pick up the ECO Terrorist’s story-line, which has not really had to much development as yet.

Series Seeking Older Actress For Ivy

‘Gotham’s’ producers are looking to cast an actress in her late teens. This makes sense because it may well be easy to write for a slightly older and more rebellious Ivy. To date most of Ivy’s time on the show has been shared with Selena Kyle aka Cat. It has also been revealed that Ivy will be more of a regular as apposed to occasional guest star.

Fans of the DC Batman comics will no doubt be wondering  if Poison Ivy is the same wanton villainess she was painted to be on the page, using her feminine wiles to entrap men.

The character was previously played by Uma Thurman in the critically lambasted ‘Batman & Robin’ film. In fact we are waiting with baited breath for someone in ‘Gotham’s’ cast to suggest that Thurman should play Ivy’s mother.

Other new characters we can expect to see when the show returns include Mad Hatter and journalist Vicki Vale.

Vicki Vale was played by Kim Basinger in the original Tim Burton ‘Batman’ film. So whoever gets that role will have some very high heels to fill.


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