Green Lantern to Crash the Justice League Party?

Studios face challenges in keeping fans excited for new movies as every little detail is often leaked prior to opening weekend.

The upcoming Justice League movie will feature some of the most iconic DC Comics characters in history. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman are all confirmed to be teaming up in the latest superhero ensemble movie, which is due to premiere later this year. There is one character that has been conspicuous by his absence in official promotional materials, however: Green Lantern, who was a founding member of the Justice League. 

Considering the Green Lantern character is a founding member of the Justice League, the decision seems a strange one; it only makes sense that he should appear in the upcoming movie. Indeed, a number of hints have been dropped in recent weeks that he may be set to join his fellow League members on the big screen after all.

Studios face challenges in keeping fans excited for new movies as every little detail is often leaked prior to opening weekend. By keeping the Green Lantern appearance secret, Warner Bros. may be hoping to relaunch the character with a new movie franchise, similar to how Wonder Woman’s character is being handled. But unlike the founding female Justice League character, Green Lantern is no stranger to movies and cameo appearances.

Wonder con 2011 – Green Lantern Movie Ban

In 2011, fans of the power-ring-wearing superhero saw his debut feature film of the same name starring Ryan Reynolds (later the star of Deadpool, a Marvel property). Since this appearance did not exactly set records in superhero film quality, achieving only 26% approvals on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 4.6/10, it makes sense for DC Comics to want to give the character a fresh start.

The rumour mill began to turn several months ago, when Superman actor Henry Cavill took to Instagram to share his intense workouts with fans, stating that he had to “make sure that [he’s] bigger than Green Lantern” – a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that the two characters could well appear side-by-side in Justice League.

Of course, if Green Lantern does appear in Justice League, it won’t be his only forthcoming film appearance. Green Lantern Corps is planned to release in 2020 according to and will feature many iterations of the Green Lantern character from across the universe. The Corps will face off against the evil Sinestro Corps led by former Green Lantern member, Sinestro, who now wears the yellow power ring (the Achilles heel of the Green Lantern’s ring).

Green Lantern has had a career in comics that has spanned many decades of both solo stories and team efforts. The character is rich with history, which has been explored in not only movies but games. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, released for DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011, saw Ryan Reynolds reprise his role from the movie as the titular character.

In the game, players are charged with taking down the corrupt interstellar android police force, the Manhunters.

More recently, Green Lantern has also lent his likeness to a slot game that can be found on a number of iGaming operators, such as those reviewed by bingo site comparison engines, which often offer no deposit bonuses to new players. The Green Lantern slot title is also based on the movie, featuring symbols and iconography from the motion picture. It also includes a number of thematic features including the Fear Flight Mission, the Training Center Mission and the Secret Sector Mission.

Another area that has been lucrative for DC Comics’ superhero team is cartoons. From Justice League Unlimited to Justice League Action by Cartoon Network, Green Lantern has carried more than his share of quality stories. DC Comics have dabbled with the Green Lantern character in many mediums over the years. Obviously, movies can be quite lucrative if fans get behind them, and they can make an actor’s career by supplying them with regular, stable work, and increasingly larger paydays.

The superhero movie is a big-ticket genre right now in cinema as fans continue to show support for larger-than -life stories. By rebooting the Green Lantern franchise with a cameo in Justice League, DC Comics could be on the verge of producing another movie series capable of combatting Marvel’s Avengers franchise. The Avengers series makes use of individual movies based on Marvel characters, bringing those fanbases in support of the team effort. A similar approach for DC Comics’ movie franchises could produce comparable results.

Odds are quite good that Green Lantern will make his newest cinema appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie. Whether or not that event catapults the character into his own movie franchise, however, is up to the fans.

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