IDW Sets Time Machine For October 21 With ‘Back To The Future’ Comic

The comic book series is one of a number of events that have been brought together to celebrate 30 years of the movie trilogy

October 21 is a date that many sci-fi and comic book fans will be marking on their calendars.

The reason is the release of a new comic book mini series from IDW, which will give readers some new adventures from the universe that is ‘Back To The Future’.

The comic book series is one of a number of events that have been brought together to celebrate 30 years of the movie trilogy that made Doc Brown and Marty McFly two iconic touch stones of the late 80s and early 90s and of course this October will also mark the month and year in which Marty Traveled to his own future and then his parallel future in which Biff had become an obnoxious millionaire thanks to the sports almanac that Marty had purchased in Hill Valley of 2015.

The new comic book series will bring fans some of the unseen adventures of Marty and the Doc and is written by ‘Back To The Future’ creator Bob Gale. It’s a four part comic book series, which features two unique stories that look at some of the other time travel adventures that Doc and Marty had.

I’m excited about the anthology format,” Bob Gale told SFX Magazine.

Gale is penning these adventures alongside John Barber and Erik Burnham. While artists Brent Schoonover and Dan Schoening will recreate the iconic visual style of the films in comic book form.

“it’s a way of keeping things loose and light, and allows us to deal with simple ideas that don’t necessarily warrant 20 pages.”

One of the stories in the series of comics will look at how Marty and Doc Brown first crossed paths and issue one also takes us back to World War Two to give some insight into Doc Browns involvement with the infamous Manhattan Project, which gave us the first nuclear bombs.

Bob Gale reveals that the above mentioned stories were very much his decision and hark back to some of the conversations that he had with ‘Back To The Future’ director Robert  Zemeckis.

“Marty and Docs first meeting is something we’ve been asked about for years, so it was natural to lead with that.”

Gale added that he thinks that ‘Back To The Future’ was always best when it dealt directly with the characters and not so much with the gimmick of time travel.

Issue 1 of ‘Back To The Future’ will be released through IDW on 21 October. So set your time machines for that date.

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