In Reveiw: Episode 2 A Flash of Lightning

The Flash is forced to witness the entire multiverse being consumed by the coming destruction of the crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Story

One of the weaker points of last week’s premiere Flash episode on the CW, was that the show’s writers tried to handle too many aspects of the story in a single episode. While this week’s second episode of season 6 entitled, “A Flash of Lightning” suffered from the same issue of having too much to handle in one episode, the episode still had a lot to offer fans even though it seems as accompanying sub-plots within each episode is the series format fans can expect.

So while some members of the Flash Team dealt with new villains within Central City, others dealt with more personal growth issues, but the heart of the episode centered on the upcoming danger posed by the pending Crisis on Infinite Earths and the secretive Monitor.

The pending uncertainty surrounding the Flash’s future fate forces Barry to travel into the future to see the truth for his self, only to be stopped and wounded by an impenetrable barrier. Barry then seeks out Jay Garrick (John Wesley Ship), the Original Flash of Earth 3, in an attempt to find help in uncovering this mysterious barrier.

Wearing a modified version of the original Flash’s helmet, Jay helps send Barry’s mind into the future in an attempt to penetrate the impenetrable anti-matter barrier. While Barry’s mind is able to cross the barrier, he is forced to witness billions of realities on alternate Earths, in which the entire multiverse is being consumed by the coming destruction of the crisis on Infinite Earths.

Under clear duress in the present, Barry’s mind is brought back to the original Flash’s Earth 3 laboratory, as the Flash realizes that only his death can prevent the coming Crisis from destroying all of reality.


Perhaps it was the script rather than her acting, but the Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) sub plot, along with Sisco’s (Carlos Valdez) moral comfort, fell short of the great job done by Grant Gustin (Flash),  Candice Patton (Iris), and Jesse L. Martin (Joe Black), in bringing to life the pending end of the CW and DC Comics Universe.

But perhaps most important of all were Michelle Harrison’s performance as Nora Allen’s doppelganger, along with her husband John Wesley Shipp (Jay Garrick), who are alternate versions of Barry’s parents from Earth 3.


The episode was exciting, fun and fast paced as Barry Allen’s heroic morality is put to the test and fans of not only The Flash, but also of the greater DC/CW Heroic universe begin to get a sense of the pending apocalypse as we get closer to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


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