In Review: A Discovery of Witches – Season 1, Episode 2

As Matthew fights to control his cravings, he leaves Diana to face her enemies alone. And those include powerful witch Peter Knox.

Synopsis: As Matthew fights to control his cravings, he leaves Diana to face her enemies alone. And those include powerful witch Peter Knox.

Review: Things get off to a steamy start this week as we see a lady vampire seduce, stalk and feed on a human due to not being able to control her craving for human blood. From that point on we get treated to an episode, which peels back a little more mythology as the various factions circle around Diana like vultures.

The Story

We start the episode with Matthew Clairmont visiting a Demon friend in the country in order to hunt Deer vampire style and make an effort to resist his craving and infatuation with Diana.

Back in Oxford Diana is trying to continue her studies and go about life as normal, but Peter Knox has no intention of leaving her be until he gets the book. Of course, Diana is not impressed with Peter or the Finish Witch Satu Järvinen who tries to take information about the book from Diana’s mind but is unable to succeed.

Feeling that the Witches in and around the university campus are against her. Diana winds up going to Matthew Clairmont for help. Matthew who has just returned from his trip is obviously still very drawn to Diana on both an intellectual and an animalistic level. So much so that he asks her to slow down her breathing because he can smell her adrenalin.

Over a few well crafted and very atmospheric scenes. Matthew reveals to Diana that all the supernatural beings are dying out. Vampires are losing the ability to sire new vampires, Demons are dying fast and all the witches are going to lose their powers. He reveals that he has also been a collector of ancient scrolls and texts and he also knew Charles Darwin. This tickles Diana’s curiosity as she tries to guess Matthews age.

Given that he has earned her Trust. Diana reveals to Matthew what she saw in the book, which he hopes will help him in his research, which we can only assume is for the benefit of all the supernatural beings. Matthew who is doing his best to fight his craving invites Diana to his place.

Meanwhile, Peter Knox and Satu Järvinen try to figure out another way to get what they want.

The Acting

The acting from Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer continues to sizzle nicely as they up the ante and drive up some additional tension as the onscreen relationship between Diana and Matthew evolves.

Also putting in great performances are Malin Buska and Owen Teale as Satu and Peter Knox, who are pretty damned determined to get Diana to give up the book.


It’s difficult to tell the CGI from the reality sometimes. Especially when CGI is filling in for static scenery. But this weeks episode has a beautiful sequence near the start of the episode where we see Matthew stalking a Deer.


This was another solid episode, which built on what was started last week. The relationship between Matthew Claremont and Diana Bishop is building, but I think we probably need to see a little more of Peter Knox and Satu doing their thing. It would also be great to see what the other vampires are up too. We got a glimpse this week into the hierarchy of the Vampires in which we got a first glance of Trever Eve as Gerbert D’Aurillac who does not approve of Matthew’s work.

A Discovery of Witches - Season 1, Episode 2
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