In Review: A Discovery of Witches – Season 1 Episode 6

Matthew and Baldwin race to save Diana from Satu's dangerous dark magic. In Oxford Sophie shocks Agatha with a confession.

Synopsis: Matthew and Baldwin race to save Diana from Satu’s dangerous dark magic. In Oxford Sophie shocks Agatha with a confession.

Review: The story really kicks into high gear with this episode and Diana learns how strong she truly is and we even learn a little with regards to the secret that Demon Sophie has been keeping from Agatha.

The Story

Picking up from where things left off last week. Diana has been taken by Satu who has brokered a deal with Gerbert, but has to test just how powerful Diana is before handing her over.

Back at the De Clermont castle Matthew and Baldwin with help from Diana’s two aunts in the USA are working flat out to figure out where Satu has taken Diana so they can mount a rescue.

In Oxford Sophie reveals that she was born of witches and while she is a Demon she thinks that her forthcoming child is going to be a Witch. This is shocking news to Agatha who is the Demon member of the congregation, which has sustained a working peace between the supernatural forces for years. This revelation just adds more fuel to the fire and could well threaten the status quo.

The Acting

As always the acting in this show is top notch and this week it was Malin Buska who got to shine as the dark Witch Satu who has a really intense series of scenes with Diana as she tries to rip her apart and find out how strong she really is. Theresa Palmer also shines as Diana who proves that she can take a beating of extreme magical proportions and come out the other side.


The CGI used as Satu does who worst to Diana is pretty freaking awesome. I also enjoyed the effect we saw when Matthew and Baldwin jump out of a helicopter and land flawlessly on their feet.


This is the best episode to date. This is what things have been building towards. The congregation could well be coming to an end as more and more secrets are coming into the light. And with Diana now unbound and able to use her magic. Things are only going to get more interesting. Judging from the preview that I saw for next weeks episode we are going to see a bit more of Diana’s Aunts as they teach her how to use her magic.

Baldwin’s warning about not being able to hold the congregation off forever means that the ball is now in Matthew and Diana’s court as they gather their own resources, friends, and family in order to protect what they have.

I look forward to next week’s episode with much anticipation.

A Discovery of Witches - Season 1 Episode 6
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