In Review: A Discovery Of Witches – Season One Episode 3

Diana and Matthew's relationship moves forward. But something's about to happen that will cast them both further into danger.

Synopsis: Diana and Matthew’s relationship moves forward. But something’s about to happen that will cast them both further into danger.

Review: The new drama continues and this week we get introduced to a couple more characters, who are on the side of the Demon’s and appear to be trying to create a sense of community. Meanwhile, Diana and Matthew’s relationship becomes a little more dangerous.

The Story

This weeks episode provides a few more threads to the story as we are slowly introduced to the politics of the various supernatural beings, which inhabit this world, but for the most part, the focus is on the continued relationship between Diana and Matthew.

Peter Knox and his ally Satu Järvinen are looking to try and manipulate Diana into showing them how she accessed the book. Which turns into a bit of a trip for Satu as she travels to some magical library hidden behind a magic veil, but seemingly vampires can access this place too as one of Gerbert D’Aurillac’s Vampire’s is waiting for Satu at the Library and attacks her. Satu gets away and manages to obtain photographs of Diana’s dead parents, who appear to have been murdered by vampire’s.

In Oxford things between Matthew and Diana heat up as she learns more about Matthews past and Matthew helps her begin to understand how her powers work. The little lovefest gets interrupted when Diana heads to the Oxford Library to try and access the book again, but unbeknown to her. Peter Knox and a group of Witches have followed her and insist on waiting until she successfully summons the book. Things get nasty when Peter hurts the Librarian, which triggers Diana’s power as she summons a Witches wind to stop Knox and his witches. Sensing Diana is in danger Matthew rushes in to help her regain her control and composure.

In light of Peter Knox and his determination to get the book by whatever means he can. Matthew offers to take Diana to his home in France saying that no Witch will dare step foot on vampire territory.

The Acting

Alex Kingston gets a bit to do this week in her role of one of Diana’s two aunts who live somewhere in upstate New York. She gets to play the concerned parent warning Diana about vampires and flirting with danger. We also learn that Diana’s father was somewhat unconventional and open-minded toward other supernatural beings.

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer continue to build on the progress of their onscreen relationship as Matthew continues to fight his natural vampire urge’s when it comes to spending time with Diana. There is a great scene where Diana innocently tempts Mathew by asking him what she would taste like. The tension of that moment alone is worth the watch.


Some nice CGI work this week with regards to a lot of subtle things such as the ripple effect of the invisible passageway that Setu passes through to get to the library.


Things are beginning to settle down a little as we slowly learn more about the main characters. And we are being slowly introduced to a few newer players. I’ve not lost interest yet, which is good.

A Discovery Of Witches - Season One Episode 3
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