In Review: A Discovery Of Witches – Season One Episode 4

Diana gets a chilly welcome when she seeks safety at the Clairmont family home.

Synopsis: Diana gets a chilly welcome when she seeks safety at the Clairmont family home. Back in Oxford, trouble is brewing.

Review: Sky One’s tale of forbidden supernatural love continues and this latest episode gives us plenty of meat to bite into.

The Story

Picking up from last week. Matthew has taken Diana to the Clermont family home in France, which happens to be a castle with seven towers. Apparently, the number 7 is a very important number in the science of alchemy, which is something we learn a little about thanks to the demon faction within the story.

Upon arriving at Matthew’s family home. Diana gets a very frosty reception from Matthews mother, who is apparently responsible for wiping out entire covens of Witches in South America, which was her act of vengeance for some Witches that collaborated with the Nazi’s and had her husband killed during the second world war.

We get lots of little details concerning the history of the Clairemont family in this episode, but we also learn that a covenant was struck between Demon’s, Vampires and Witches that forbade them from having relationships outside of their own species. A covenant that Diana and Matthew are at risk of breaching as they fall more and more in love.

As Diana spends more time with Matthew at the castle. She begins to win over  Ysabeau de Clermont, but it would seem that Matthews mother is the least of their worries.

Peter Knox has called a meeting with the top representatives of Vampires, Witches, and Demons and is trying to enlist their help in an effort to capture Diana and make her summon the book of life, but when Matthews bother learns that Knox is withholding information from him things go pear-shaped and Gerbert D’Aurillac sees potential opportunity to weaken the Clermont family and sends an envoy to deliver an ultimatum. Give Diana over to the congregation or else.

The Acting

Like last week we get some solid acting performances and standing out as always are our two leads, but this week it was Lindsay Duncan who impressed in her role as Ysabeau de Clermont. At the close of the episode, Matthew asks his mother to protect Diana with her life and from the little I’ve seen. I believe Ysabeau will likely destroy anyone or anything that tries to threaten her family, and it is very apparent that she has accepted Diana as family by the close of the episode.


Once again. It’s very subtle. But there is some fantastic CGI work toward the close of this episode where a heartbroken Diana begins to cry and makes it rain. The moment where we see one of her tears splash to the rain-soaked floor is eerily beautiful to watch.


Another solid episode, but also a little frustrating given that we have learned so much about Matthew and Diana and the Clermont family, but are still a little in the dark as to how the congregation consisting of Witches, Vampires, and Demons came about.

And speaking of Demons. We also know very little about them. The few Demon characters we have seen to date seem to be very aloof. But we do know that they seem to hold the key to some of the mystery surrounding why Matthew and Diana are so connected.

A Discovery Of Witches - Season One Episode 4
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