No spoilers, but the fight costs Peggy a lot more than it does Whitney.

“The Atomic Job” opens on a sleeping Peggy being startled awake by the still-intangible Dr. Wilkes, who has a startling discovery waiting for her in the lab (cue the fanfiction opening…) It turns out that Jane, the dead woman who started this whole escapade, still has dark matter riddling her body…a chunk of which Wilkes happens to have in the lab. The Dark Matter is drawn to Wilkes, and that has been the mysterious “calling” he’s been experiencing. To both he and Peggy’s surprise, when he comes in contact with the tiny sample of dark matter, it absorbs into his skin and he is momentarily tangible! (Too momentarily to ship it unfortunately…)

You would think Peggy Carter might have a few reservations about grave robbing. After all, Jane was a helpless victim in a yet-unsolved case and the massive amount of the rarest substance on earth MAY be essential evidence in convicting Jane’s killer…but f*ck it, Peggy wants to save Wilkes. So she calls on Jarvis, and they go to break into the cold storage where Jane’s body is being held.

Excuse me, we’re looking to desecrate the body of a victim?

Why Wilkes, who can walk through all matter, needs Peggy and Jarvis to break into the building without him in the first place is beyond me, though. But, it does conveniently allow Peggy to overhear Whitney Frost’s – who has shown up for Jane’s body for the exact same reason – evil plan. Frost wants another atomic bomb so she can generate more dark matter.

Rose the front desk girl finally has her day. And Peggy rounds out the team with Aloysius Samberly, the prickly tech-guy who longs to be a field agent. There’s a good reason for the supporting characters to be there – namely the SSR being corrupt – but their involvement ultimately feels like padding. Ultimately, nobody *needs* Rose as backup. And When Jarvis is able to disable an atomic bomb with help from Sousa’s coaching (very funny scene), then why did the tech guy need to be there at all?

Sorry! You caught us orchestrating some comic relief…

As fun as all that stuff is, the episode only really picks up in the latter scenes where Peggy and Whitney finally go hand-to-hand. No spoilers, but the fight costs Peggy a lot more than it does Whitney. And that, coupled with Chadwick making an emergency call to the council, REALLY promises an exciting next episode next week.


There were actually–

–HOLY MALT BALLS, BATMAN! “Agent Carter just cashed a check my heart didn’t know it wrote!! Peggy Carter with Betty Paige bangs?! And a redhead?! Can Hayley Atwell play Jessica Rabbit in a live-action biopic, please? Gah…I could look at this screencap all all season.

On that note, “The Atomic Job” REALLY wants “will they or won’t they?” to be a thing between Peggy and Sousa. And that just falls flat. Whatever (bullcrap) scenario happened between them in between Season 1 & 2, Peggy is clearly all about the Wilkes and has ten times the rapport with him. Going back to Sousa would just be a step backwards for her, when his character is clearly better served just being her ex who just really, really cares if she lives or dies for platonic reasons.

Also, Sousa gets engaged…in an all-too earnest scene where he bumbles the proposal but his gal pal is so cute and understanding “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Episode Analytics:

Allusions to sex with 1940’s veiled dialogue: 7 (remember that pie they bribed the tech guy with earlier in the episode? Long game comedy gold…)

American accents adopted: 1 (But seriously, we’re going to start getting offended soon if every time she acts stupid Agent Carter becomes Calli from the Valley)

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