In Review: Agents Of Shield – All the Madame’s Men

Daisy finds herself teams up with an unlikely partner.

Synopsis: Daisy finds herself teams up with an unlikely partner. Meanwhile, Aida prepares to put her ultimate end game into effect.

Review: Carrying on from where last week left off Daisy has been rescued by Agent May who after seeing The Patriots sacrifice has changes sides to Shield.

Triplet and Simmons head off on a mission of there own.

Fitz is now acting head of Hydra due to the fact that Daisy used her inhuman abilities to incapacitate Aida’s avatar within the framework.

May and Daisy rejoin Coulson and the others and set about breaking into a Hydra broadcast news facility in order to leak footage of the explosion that killed the Patriot, which has been provided via May’s body cam. The footage is pretty damning in that it exposes Hydra’s version of events as a lie.

Meanwhile Simmons and Triplet have figured out what Aida’s end game is. She simply wants to be made human, but not in a good way.

Yet again this arc concerning the framework delivers some fantastic story telling with brilliant acting performances from all concerned.

I particularly enjoy the fact that the writers have brought Agent Triplet back. He was sadly killed off in the shows second season. There’s a nice brief scene in which Jemma mentions the Howling Commandos and Triplets family connection to them. We got to see the fruits of that connection during the tail end of the shows first season and it is an element that I absolutely loved from that first series.

Iain De Caestecker continues to knock it out the park with his darker and more sinister version of Fitz and the addition of Fitz’s father as one of Hydra’s lead thugs is brilliant. 

Also continuing to impress is Mallory Jansen in her duel role of Aida and Madame Hydra.

I now look forward to seeing how next week’s episode pans out. Especially given that Hydra have now been exposed for the evil villains that they are.

The big question though is. Just what will it take to bring Fitz to his senses. And when he does awake from his slumber. How much guilt will he likely feel for his actions.


Agents Of Shield - All the Madame's Men
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