In Review: Agents Of Shield – Orientation Parts 1 & 2

After what has been a longer wait than usual. The Agents of Shield are back, but where and when exactly are they?

Synopsis: Coulson, Mack, Daisy and the team have wound up stranded on a strange ship in outer space, and that’s just the start of the nightmare to come.

Review: After what has been a longer wait than usual. The Agents of Shield are back, but where and when exactly are they? That is the question that Coulson, Mack, Simmons, Daisy, and Agent May are wrestling with as this episode gets underway.  It takes some time before the team eventually find most of this out and to their utter shock, they learn that they are in a nightmare vision of what the future may hold. An Earth, which is near enough been eaten and a remnant civilization of humans who are in the service of the Kree.

We have some great moments as the team slowly discover their predicament. My favorites all come from Mack’s lack of faith in science and his refusal to allow the team to split up due to the fact that everyone dies in Alien whenever a group splits.

The new characters of Deke and Ava are going to make for interesting developments in the weeks to come. The human’s that S.H.I.E.L.D. have run into do not seem to have any fight in them or military training, but some are aware of old stories about Agent Coulson and his team and are hoping that they will assist in a fight back against their Kree overlords.

I loved the camera work in the early part of this episode where we saw the team struggling against some sort of scavenging monster that feeds off of human blood. The wide angles and stark lighting worked well to create just the right amount of paranoia. Obviously, we have seen these techniques used plenty of times before in movies and television, but it can sometimes not work as well as it did here.

We only glimpse how bad things have gotten with the human’s being technically enslaved by the Kree. But the little we do know is that each human being wears an implant in their wrist, which not only tracks their movements but also stores any currency they may have earned and so forth. Now given how cruel the Kree can be in terms of their experiments and general disdain for humanity. I have to wonder if these trackers have any other applications that we haven’t seen yet.

Overall. This is a really strong start for the series, which has been off the air for long enough for us to have missed it. Hopefully, it can continually deliver on what has been set up here.

Agents Of Shield - Orientation Parts 1 & 2
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