In Review: Agents Of Shield – Self Control

As LMDs take over S.H.I.E.L.D, suspicion starts to turn to paranoia amongs the remaining human members of the team.

Synopsis: As LMDs take over S.H.I.E.L.D, suspicion starts to turn to paranoia amongs the remaining human members of the team.

Review: Picking things up just moments from last weeks shocking revelation. We find Fitz and Simmons trying to work out how to get around the LMD’s that have taken over Coulson, Mack and the others. Their plan is to act normal. At least that is the plan that Fitz suggests to Simmons. Which makes things that bit more shocking when Fitz is revealed to be an LMD.

Elsewhere Mace, Coulson and Mack are working hard to try and round up the remaining humans and transfer their consciousnesses to the Framework.

Meanwhile Aida has been working to try and get Ivanov’s consciousness transferred to an LMD. But it seems that Radcliffe has some issues with the approach that Aida is taking. But seemingly Aida has a solution. Which basically boils down to killing Radcliffe and transferring his mind onto the mainframe so that his regrets never click into place. The logic being. If his physical body is dead. It can not act upon the minds regrets and therefore is no longer a threat.

Seeming Aida has figured out that the human emotions such as pain, happiness and regret are a threat to the security of the framework. Especially the more powerful human emotions being regret and love.

Back at Shield the LMD version of Coulson is trying to talk the LMD May into his way of thinking, but it looks like LMD May has to much of the real Agent May’s emotions built into her programming, which unbeknown to Coulson will mean the end of his plans.

The two top Shield agents that are still human turn out to be Simmons and Daisy. And the two of them set about undermining the LMD’s by recruiting the remaining humans at the base.  This all builds to an exciting conclusion as Daisy and Simmons with a little help from LMD May set about hacking into the Framework and setting about trying to find the rest of their team in order to break them out and defeat Aida.

This for me was the coolest episode of the season to date. It was great to see Simmons and Daisy working together again. And I also loved the twist of human emotions being the only thing powerful enough to undermine Aida and the Framework.

This is all brilliant set up for what we’ll see as the season winds its way toward the finish line.

Agents Of Shield - Self Control
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