In Review: Arrow – The Sin-Eater

A trio of Oliver's old enemies break out of prison and form an alliance.

Synopsis: A trio of Oliver’s old enemies break out of prison and form an alliance.

Review: To say that this episode is loaded. Would be somewhat of an understatement.

The trio of enemies that break out of prison this week are a little bit more of a detraction than they are service to the bigger arc plot of the series. In fact Quentin Lance seems a little more concerned with China White, Cupid and Liza Warner than Ollie is. Lance feels responsible for the fact that Warner went off the straight and narrow and blames himself.

In fact. The burden of blame and responsibility is a recurring theme throughout the episode. Hence the title ‘Sin Eater’, which essentially means a person that takes the responsibility and burden that those responsible are not wanting to take on.

Lance feels responsible for Warner. Ollie feels responsible for having accidentally killed a police officer and pretty much everything else that has gone wrong with the city.

The big pictured of this episode sees Ollie having to split with his journalist girlfriend Susan Williams (Carly Pope). She basically has pretty comprehensive proof that Ollie is The Arrow and calls him out on it. Ollie denies it of course and is happy to let it lie. But Thea isn’t prepared to take the chance on Susan leaking the information to the press. So she works with Felicity to hack into Susan’s computer and discredit her to the point where she’ll never work in journalism again. 

Understandably Ollie is a bit ticked off with Thea’s over protectiveness.

As for the trio of villains mentioned above. They are pretty much after a stash of money because they intend to take control of the city. Ultimately they are foiled by the combined forces of team Arrow and the police. And this is despite the fact that the police were after Arrow for the murder of one of their own. I found it troubling that Ollie was so easily able to talk the police down from arresting the Arrow.

There were some nice moments amid all of this. One being a nice scene between Dinah Drake and Quentin Lance. Basically Lance tells Dinah that Laurel would want her to continue the work that she started as the Canary.

The Bratva stuff this week loosely tied in with the themes of responsibility and so forth and conjured up the term Sin Eater in order to frame the overall narrative.

This was a fairly enjoyable episode. But we find ourselves wanting a little more from the series in terms of starting to get a little closer to the finale confrontation between team Arrow and Prometheus.

Arrow - The Sin-Eater
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