In Review: Arrow – Tribute

Oliver struggles to balance being the Mayor, the Green Arrow and a father to William. Anatoly returns to Star City with deadly intentions. 

Synopsis: Oliver struggles to balance being the Mayor, the Green Arrow and a father to William. Anatoly returns to Star City with deadly intentions.

Review: Picking up from last week. Oliver is forced to deny that he is the Green Arrow to the press, but adding to his list of complications is a determined FBI agent and the fact that his old friend Anatoly has gone rogue and is holding the city to ransom for 20 Million Dollars. The same 20 Million that the Mayor’s office has allocated to rebuild the police station.

If all of that wasn’t enough. Ollie has to content with his son William being worried about losing the only parent he has left. So he is caught in an impossible situation for which white lies will not work.

Diggle continues to hide his condition from Ollie but has been forced to reveal the problem to Dinah who has twice been in direct danger because of it.

Overall this was a pretty solid episode, but as yet we have no clue as to what or who the main villain is likely to be, but it is pretty apparent that they are working from the shadows. I enjoyed the fact that Ollie was having to struggle between his Mayoral duties as well as being Arrow and a parent. The scenes involving Ollie and William are pretty powerful and well pitched. The fatherly advice of punching the biggest kid in the nose is very much just that. I think it is probably quite familiar advice to most people.

Really enjoyed the continuation of the friendship between Dinah and Diggle and where that is going.

The final moments of the episode see Oliver having to ask a very big favor of Diggle, but will Diggle do it given that he is compromised with a  degenerative injury.

Great to see Felicity and Curtis working together and Curtis got to whack more people with his balls this week, which is always good fun.


Arrow - Tribute
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