In Review: Arrow – You Have Saved This City

The battle between Oliver and Emiko comes to a boiling point which brings back some familiar faces and leaves others in dire jeopardy.

Synopsis: The battle between Oliver and Emiko comes to a boiling point which brings back some familiar faces and leaves others in dire jeopardy.

Review: Team Arrow proceed on a mission to redeem their name in the eyes of the law.

The Story

Ollie and the team press forward with their mission to take down the ninth circle as fugitives. While in the future Maya gets a chance to prove her leadership skills in the mission to destroy the A.R.C.H.E.R. security system, which has been the basis of Galaxy One’s technology.

During the fight with the Ninth, Circle Ollie gives Emiko one last chance at redemption.

The Acting

Katherine McNamara puts in a wonderful performance as Maya who winds up being the hero of the hour in the futuristic storyline, which sees the Canaries take back the Glades.

Sea Shimooka’s Emiko Queen gets a fantastic final outing as her character goes out fulfilling the redemption story arc that he been set up for her.

We also get a welcome return for Echo Kellum as Curtis who proves to be a key asset to Ollie and the team.


This is a fast-paced season finale with ties up both the present day and future storylines rather quickly.

The fight choreography as always is absolutely stunning with some edge of the seat moments. But it is the slower story beats of Emiko’s redemption and Maya’s rise to becoming a hero which really stand out.

The episode seems to close on a nice note as Felicity gives birth to baby Maya, but it is not long before Ollie and Felicity’s domestic bliss is ended thanks to a debt that Ollie owes to The Monitor, which will no doubt tie into next years big ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ event, which will once again crossover the various CW DC shows.

But the way this episode ends leaves fans with plenty to mull over about the final series, which will air with only 12 episodes later this year.


Arrow - You Have Saved This City
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