In Review: Battlestar Galactica – Gods and Monsters #2

Galactica continues to struggle as Cylons sleeper agents plot against them.

Synopsis: After the demonstration of Baltar’s reprogrammed Centurion, Tallos, does not go as plan, the crew of Galactica scrambles to maintain order. Meanwhile, hidden Cylons within the fleet attempt to assess whether or not this new creation is a benefit or detriment to their covert mission. So when a deadly threat approaches Galactica, Tallos may be the savior or destroyer of the fleet.

Review: The sophomore issue of BG: Gods & Monsters  picks up in the midst of confusion. Tallos has just displayed its ability to recognize other Cylons. This is a monumental moment because there are still a group of sleeper Cylons hiding withing what is left of the colonial fleet. They may be able to use this centurion to their advantage, but it may expose them all as Cylons. Therefore, both humans and Cylons fear Tallos. And although the human fleet could use Tallos for critical mining operations and dangerous tactical missions, no one but Baltar trusts it. (Got that?)

With all of the back and forth between the two warring factions, the plot to issue 2 becomes a little mired down in the details. It is not that you cannot follow the story, but the story seems a little too  convoluted for its own sake. Also, the art for some of the characters still seems off. Baltar’s face just seems fundamentally wrong in certain panels, and it lacks detail. On the other hand, Starbuck and Six look relatively fine. The backgrounds remain solid, and the colors generate the right kind of ambiance for the story.

Though BG: Gods & Monsters #2 attempts to capitalize on the momentum of the first issue, it loses traction at times. The story is there, but the pacing is off. The art is fine in some places, yet it falters when it comes to portraying iconic characters from the franchise. I wanted to like this issue because I am intrigued by the story, and some artistic elements are right up my alley. However, that interest can only go so far. In conclusion, if the series is going to turn the ship around, it must do so quickly.

Battlestar Galactica - Gods & Monsters #2
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