In Review: Bettie Page Vol. 2 #4

Flying saucers in the sky, treason on the ground, and only two brave young women can save the world from invasion and domination.

Synopsis: Flying saucers in the sky, treason on the ground, and only two brave young women can save the world from invasion and domination. Lucky for us those two women are the Queen of Pin-ups and the Queen of England! If you thought DOWNTON ABBEY was great but needed more extraterrestrials (and who didn’t?), you’ll want to read the fourth chapter of this Bettie Page adventure.

Review: David Avallone concludes Bettie Page’s adventures in England in very pulpy and very British style.

The Story

Having escaped their captures Bettie Page and the Queen of England make a daring getaway in a Helicopter, but escaping minister Harling is not as straight forward as it seems. Bettie who has never flown a helicopter before must bluff her way through and hope for the best.

The Artwork

Julius Ohta delivers some fantastic artwork for this issue, which has a thrilling helicopter chase, which concludes with an absolutely fantastic foot chase, which ends in some old Roman ruins, which look very well drawn.

The sequence in which Bettie is piloting the helicopter and the intensity on both Bettie and the Queens’ face make for what is a very exciting final issue for this particular story arc.


This is a very satisfying conclusion to what has been a really fun story arc, which seen Bettie Page meet the Queen and rescue her from a plot involving aliens. The reveal at the close is so much fun.

Avallone delivers again when it comes to snappy dialogue and pulp storytelling. And the way in which this story arc opens things up for the next set of Bettie Page adventures is wonderfully done and very consistent with what has come before.

Overall. A wonderful resolution to what has been a very fun adventure. Bring on the next issue.

Bettie Page Vol. 2 #4
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