Two new adventures for the first Doctor Who, which sees David Bradley and the team reprise their roles from the 'An Adventure In Space and Time' TV movie.

Description: Two new adventures for the first Doctor Who, which sees David Bradley and the team reprise their roles from the ‘An Adventure In Space and Time’ TV movie. This time they get to play The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan respectively. The Box set features two stories, which fit well within the William Hartnell era of ‘Doctor Who’.

Review: The first story ‘The Destination Wars’ is penned by the fantastic Matt Fritton. The story sees the Doctor and his companions land on what they believe to be Earth of 2003, but it soon becomes apparent that they are not on Earth at all.

This has a very ‘Lord Of The Flies’ feel it and also has a few clever twists that longtime fans of Doctor Who and Big Finish will really appreciate. Look out for the shock cliffhangers in episodes 2 and 3.

We get some great acting performances here. David Bradley really embraces his role of the first Doctor and sounds very much like William Hartnell in many of his scenes. Especially those where he is required to make speeches.

The mysterious Inventor and the reveal of his true identity in episode 2 are really well played and the reveal does shock somewhat given that it wasn’t really expected.

Claudia Grant puts in a wonderful performance as Susan who gets a heck of a lot to do in this story and even gets to show off some of her science skills, which I always felt were underused in the television incarnation of her character. Thankfully there isn’t any point where she sprains her ankle, which is one of the cliches I am glad Big Finish managed to avoid.

The second story ‘The Great White Hurricane’ is very much in the tradition of the historical episodes, which William Hartnell’s First Doctor was famous for. Written by Guy Adams. The story has a kind of classic gangster movie feel to it, but with things being much more focused on familial relations and dysfunctional communities pulling together in a massive crisis.

I loved how Adams split the main characters into groups allowing them to relate and learn about the different people involved and learn about them. The Doctor gets a wonderful speech about social responsibility and community toward the end of the fourth episode where he shame’s one of the main gang members into putting the childish fighting aside in order to lend a hand to his neighbors.

The setting of The 1888 Hurricane was a really good idea and gave us Doctor Who story where the real heart of it was in humanity and both its capacity for good and bad.

Once again David Bradley proves to be fantastic as the First Doctor who and Jemma Powell and Jamie Glover prove to be as good value in their roles of Barbara and Ian.

Overall. This is a brilliant set, which accomplishes much in giving us a real feel of the First Doctor’s era but also brings in a few more contemporary elements as well. Hopefully, we’ll get more releases with this team because they work really well together and it will be great to see a few more First Doctor stories with David Bradley in the role.

The extras provide some brilliant interviews and insights from the four main actors as well as some nice remembrances from ‘An Adventure In Time And Space’.

You can get your own copy of ‘The First Doctor Adventures Vol 1’ here at the Big Finish Website. I strongly recommend this set.

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