In Review: Big Finish: UNIT – Extinction

Kate Stewart, Osgood and the UNIT team confront an alien invasion by the Nestene Consciousness and its army of plastic Autons...

Synopsis: In this four-story box set, Kate Stewart, Osgood and the UNIT team confront an alien invasion by the Nestene Consciousness and its army of plastic Autons…

Review: This fantastic box set included four interlinked story by Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith. The stories not only give us one huge arc, but also give us more background story on much loved characters from new Doctor Who in the form of Kate Steward and Osgood who are both voiced by the TV actors Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver.

The story sees UNIT taking on the Autons, which is kind of appropriate given that UNIT’s first ever appearance in ‘Doctor Who’ was in the first of the Third Doctors Adventures ‘Spearhead From Space.’

The episodes gradually unravel a fantastic story, which has Kate Stewart and Osgood traveling far and wide to investigate and find the Nestene spheres and try and prevent them from activating.

There is clever use of 3D Printers as a means to produce plastic replacement parts such as an individuals skull, which though disturbing is kind of cool.

Both Fritton and Smith obviously enjoyed the process of writing these stories and really capture a sense of adventure and daring do interlaced with the kind of character beats that you’ll not likely see happen in the new ‘Doctor Who’ series, but were pretty common in the classic show.

There are a lot of these beats, but one that stood out for me was in episode four ‘Armageddon’ in which Kate Stewart is doubting her leadership abilities while talking to a fellow operative about her father Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. She wonders what he’d have done differently and brings up how The Doctor was his scientific adviser back in the day. A point which the operative picks up on when he rightly says that her job is harder due to her not being able to be as reliant on The Doctor as her late father was.

We also have some nice character moments from Osgood who is pretty much an adrenaline junkie and seems to thrive in dangerous situations while remaining scientifically interested and engaged in what she is doing. She is paired with Lieutenant Sam Bishop for much of the story and they have some nice moments together. Bishop is played by Warren Brown.

Behind every Auton invasion there is usually a plastics factory or high powered business. In this story their cover is a 3D printing company, which is run by Simon Devlin. UNIT run into problems while investigating as they run into hassle from journalist Jacqui McGee who is extremely motivated and a thorn in Kate Stewart’s side throughout the story. I hope we get to see her pop up again in future adventures because I really enjoyed the interplay between the two characters.

Something that hits your right away when listening to this is the attention to Detail that Big Finish have put into it. The series starts with a fantastic intro soundtrack that is still going around in my head and the soundscapes are phenomenal.

Big Finish have really outdone themselves with this production.

Highly Recommended.

You can perchase your own copy of ‘UNIT – Extinction’ at:—extinction-1208


Big Finish: UNIT - Extinction
  • Fantastic story and brilliant character beats
  • Nothing bad here.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Packaging

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