In Review: Bloodshot Salavation #7

The Deadside: a terrifying theatre of the mind.

Synopsis: Bloodshot is risking it all to save the life of his infant daughter. Hoping to make a bargain with a loa, Bloodshot has entered the horrific Deadside, but the real danger lies internally. Bloodshot has lost his eyesight upon arrival, so him accomplishing his goal has become more difficult. Saving his daughter was a tall order, but defending her while blind may be impossible. With Bloodhound as his eyes, Bloodshot moves deeper into the heart of darkness.

Review: It takes a lot of courage for a person to risk it all, including their soul, to accomplish their goals. It may take an equal amount of courage for a creative team to completely upend their momentum by trying something completely out of the box. Issue #7 was a risk, but the payoff is well worth it. How do you convey sheer terror and uncertainty? Bloodshot is grasping at any possibility to save his daughter. He has literally gone to hell in order to prevent that, but sometimes things are out of your control. This is what the issue is about. Yes, Bloodhound is there to guide him, but this is an abstract idea. He isn’t really sure what is around him, and the terror of being unable to fully protect his child in a world of demons becomes ever-present. Furthermore, the inner monologue becomes incredibly important because it forces the reader to construct an idea of what is happening.

Every panel in issue #7 is charged with a sense of dread and terror. It isn’t just because every page is black. The use of panels to draw the eye of the reader to certain places. It grounds the narrative. We know that in this specific spot something is occurring. We know it is terrifying, and it is even more terrifying because you can only guess at to what is going on. Also, the use of white lines illustrate water or wings gives an almost tactile sensation to the reader. It is expertly accomplished.

This issue is a trip. It is hard to convey all that was accomplished with these strict parameters. Bloodshot Salvation #7 is one for the record books.


Bloodshot Salvation #7
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