In Review: Bloodshot Salvation #1

Even when you achieve your Rockwellian dream, nightmares still occur.

Synopsis: Ray Garrison is no longer the living weapon known as Bloodshot. Ray is a family man with the love of a woman named Magic and their young daughter. The problem is that Bloodshot is always right beneath the surface. The nanites still course through his veins. And as much as Ray and Magic work to give themselves a normal life, they both have haunting pasts. There are terrible times ahead for this newly formed family, for the shadows have already torn them apart.

Review: Opening Bloodshot Salvation with a desperate bid for survival sets the suspenseful tone for the series. We see a young Bloodshot girl fighting off armed men, being overwhelmed, and being saved by her mother. These opening panels blatantly tell you that, whatever comes next, this is a tale of tragedy. Instantly, we see an earlier time where Bloodshot and Magic have forged a quiet life for themselves. They look like the picturesque family, complete with dog. Sadly, they still remain in hiding. Tension lurks in the periphery, and the secrets they keep from the world pale to the ones they keep from each other. The seeds of their demise as a family are planted here.

The mood for issue one is broadcasted by the art. We shift from dark gruesome images to warm suburban scenes. Placing these locales side by side makes the home panels ring false. The color tones really drives this home. The opening pages feel so cold, and although we are quickly moved to what should be a warm haven, you can never quite shake the sense of insecurity. As the story progresses, we move to a farm which often conveys a sense of tranquility, but the sinister feeling cannot be shaken there either. The final panels set on the farm actually infects the rest of the book with a sense of dread and danger.

Bloodshot Salvation is setting the reader up for an emotional rollercoaster. It doesn’t hide what is to come. We know Ray has been separated from the women in his life. Now, we will see how that occurs. Chances are that it will be devastating.

Bloodshot Salvation #1
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