In Review: Bloodshot Salvation #5

Vendettas always come at a price.

Synopsis: Bloodshot’s nanites have been rendered inert, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. He is now in the clutches of Daddy, Magic”s twisted father. Daddy and his backwater cult begin to torture Bloodshot in attempt to bring Magic, and her daughter, into the fold. Meanwhile, Magic employs Punk Mambo and other allies to save her daughter from the villanous Rampage and Project Omen. With the aid of Ninja-K, Bloodshot is able to enact his revenge, but it may have cost him his child’s life.

Issue #5 jumps right into action, and it leaves you reeling. Bloodshot is without his abilities, and it is a smart move. The idiom about revenge and digging two graves seems accurate here without expressly being said. The inner monologue during the interrogation scene underscores how brutal these people are, and it also highlights the violent intent of Bloodshot himself. No good came of this plan. Our hero states why he came here, why he abandoned his family to seek out Daddy, and when he finally accomplishes his goal, it leaves him hollow.

Fear, revenge, and violence are ugly facets of humanity, but they are shown here with a sense of vibrancy. There is an earnestness that is present in all of panels. The characters feel real, and their raw emotions come across with ease. The ability to convey these primal emotions is what gives the issue a heft to it. The splash page of Bloodshot enacting his revenge is the climax of the issue #5. It is done incredibly well. Played out almost in tableau, the panel focused on the act of murder. Sure, Bloodshot has killed countless people over the years, but we are witnessing the first time he has done so while being completely human. There is a grotesque quality that must be conveyed, and it is.

Bloodshot Salvation #5 begins the turning point for the series. There is a lot of ground to cover, but fans of the series should be up for the journey.

Bloodshot Salvation #5
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