In Review: Britannia II – Episode One

Season 2 of Jez Butterworth's Sky Original gets off to a cracking start.

Synopsis: Two years after the invasion, a dead man awakens who could spell the end of everything.

Review: Last night saw the premiere of season 2 of ‘Britannia’ and the show got off to a fantastic start with a stunning recap of season one and a little bit of foreshadowing concerning General Aulus.

The Story

Two years have passed since Rome led by General Aulus invaded Britannia and he has managed to gain a strong foothold and make a few allies. With the Druids gone. Rome has managed to infiltrate the local customs and cultures and force their own influences onto the Britains.

When Aulus gets an unexpected visit from Emporer Claudius his future as the main representative of Rome in Britannia is looking in some doubt.

Elsewhere, in the North West of the country where no Roman dare go. The Druids are preparing for a comeback and have managed to resurrect a dead man in order to help fulfill the prophecy concerning the young girl Cait who is still being guided by the exiled Druid Divis.

The Acting

Annabel Scholey gets a fair bit to do in this episode as Queen Amena who has sided with Aulus and has been aiding him in getting the various tribes of Britannia to bend the knee to Rome. She has a few interesting scenes with the visiting Claudius, which show just how manipulative and dangerous Amena can be.


Some great setup work is done for the second season, which looks like it could well be just as epic as the first season was back in 2017. Superb acting from all cast and a great soundtrack throughout the episode with a new set of opening titles that will have you tapping your foot.

I loved the shots of the Druids when we got to visit them in the North West. Kind of looked like they were having a bit of a rave while Veron was meditating and channeling a resurrection for his brother.

I look forward to next week’s show to see where all of this will go.

Britannia II - Episode One
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