In Review: Class – The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did

Miss Quill embarks on a dangerous mission to impossible places.

Synopsis: Miss Quill embarks on a dangerous mission to impossible places.

Review: Last week we saw what happened to the group of friends when they were faced with their worst selves during detention. This week we get to see what was happening with Miss Quill during that space of time and it wasn’t partying.

Quill essentially joins Dorothea and a prisoner called Ballon (Chiké Okonkwo) on several missions throughout time and space in order to collect the things needed in order to get the Arn controlling Quills free will out of her head. 

The quest takes them to various mythological places, which represented the after life of the Quill’s and Ballon’s race of shape shifter’s. Dorothea is just tagging along to provide the means of travel. Whereas Ballon is along because his shape shifting abilities will be needed to get the Arn out of Quill’s head once they have what is needed.

The episode made for an entertaining hour and also gave us a lot more insight into Quill who up until this has really been the comic relief and as such a bit of a one note character. This episode remedies much of that because it gives us insight into her culture and into why she is like she is.


What made this story extra special was the acting chemistry between Chiké Okonkwo and Katherine Kelly as Ballon and Quill.  Without the strong performances from either of those actors. This episode would have fell flat on its arse and the audience likely would not have cared about the tragedy that Quill has to endure in order to get back to Earth and ultimately what it costs her.

Throughout this whole series Quill has come across as angry and testy as well as resentful of her standing as Alex’s slave and protector. Well now that she is free of that she is really ticked. Not primarily because of Alex and his race of beings, but more about what it cost her to free herself of the Arn.

We also learn that Dorathea and her mysterious race of beings has been pretty much overseeing events at Coal Hill for sometime now.

The question we all have now is what will Quill do now that she has her free will?


Class - The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did
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