In Review: Curfew – Season 1 Episode 4

Kaye and Michael clash over whether to fight or flee. 

Synopsis: Roman has a confession for Meg as admits the real reason they joined the deadly street race. Kaye and Michael clash over whether to fight or flee.

Review: This week’s episode introduces us to former psychiatrist Dr. Jones and his crew.

The Story

The race continues and this episode reveals quite a lot as the story and various character arcs continue to develop.

In this episode, we meet Dr. Jones and his crew as the former psychiatrist, who seems to have undergone some sort of breakdown talks Jenny Donahue through her feelings of guilt and the fairly recent loss of her husband. We also learn that Jenny was not bitten by one of the creatures meaning that she will survive.

Back in London at a private healthcare facility. We learn that Kaye’s mother is still very much alive and has been revived enough to a point where she is coherent, but still undergoing the transformation into one of the monsters. The Doctor who speaks with her is asking her about her former patient Michael Garwick, who is apparently immune to the virus.

The Acting

Billy Zane is absolutely brilliant as Dr. Joker Jones and the scenes he has with Jenny make up a bulk of this episode as he sends her on an unbelievable acid trip and makes her confront some of her fears.


This was another episode that was light on the action and heavy on character development and story.

The acting from all concerned was really strong and the scenes with Joker Jones and his crew provided for some of those laugh out loud moments. You know those moments where you have to kick yourself for laughing.

The fight between Kaye and Michael was only really a secondary plot point this week as much of the focus is on Billy Zane’s character. But it will be interesting to see if the authorities are sent after Kaye and Michael given that his DNA holds the keys to a possible cure for the virus.

Curfew - Season 1 Episode 4
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