In this season finale the race comes to a dramatic and bloody conclusion

Synopsis: An act of sabotage causes all hell to break loose. From the chaos, the final contenders emerge.

Review: The final leg of the race is filled with blood and drama.

The Story

The finale picks up with a brief recap, which shows what happened at the petrol station before Kaye and Michael arrived. In short, the racers began to slowly pull into the station in all hell breaks loose as a heavily pregnant Faith arrives and begins a standoff between herself and the Donahues. Shots get fired and Meg is killed in the crossfire and Lou is seriously injured. Added to that the sounds of gunfire attract unwanted attention from the creatures who go on a bit of a mini killing spree.

Faith who survives takes Kaye and Michael at gunpoint forcing Kaye to help her deliver the baby while they rejoin the race.

Meanwhile, the remaining Donohue clan continue on and wind up lending aid to Lous daughter by taking her in. Despite the fact that she was a part in the shootout that killed their youngest.

The final few legs of the race wind up being a two horse race between Joker Jones and his mates and the Donahues who find out that they have a secret advantage thanks to the advance planning of Simon.

Having not won the race thanks to Faith. Kaye and Michael choose to go back to the medical facility where the virus all began. In the hopes of using some information that Roman Donahue gave them before he and his family took off for the island.

The Acting

There are a fair few great performances in this final episode. But for me, it is Rose Williams who stood out with her performance of the desperate Faith, who would stop at nothing to ensure the survival of her baby.

We also see a great performance from Miranda Richardson as Lou, whose dying wish is for her daughter to thumb a ride and leave her to die in the knowledge that her daughter is safe. It’s rather moving and a well-worked scene in what is a very chaotic episode.


The race has been won, which means the close of this season, but not necessarily the series.

The episode ends with a few threads left open for the writers to pick up on should the show get a renewal. Kaye and Michael going back to the facility where the virus was created has a few possibilities as well as the fate of the racers that didn’t win. Will they re-enter knowing what they know or will they get captured by the authorities when they try to re-enter a populated area of the UK such as Manchester or London.

Will we see Joker Jones and his Madcap crew race again? That is a question that only Sky One can answer, but should it wind up being a one-off series. It didn’t have too bad of an ending.

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