In Review: Dark Matter – Give It Up, Princess

If anything this episode gives us the opportunity to get to know the two new characters of Adrian and Solara a little better.

Synopsis: When new crew member Adrian wants t rescue Amber. He makes a deal with Two and Three to make it happen.

Review: This week the crew seek to obtain a data file while simultaneously trying to save the life of Adrian’s girlfriend Amber. But as always things are not as they seem and do not go to plan.

If anything this episode gives us the opportunity to get to know the two new characters of Adrian and Solara a little better. But as far as the story goes. Its a little lacking in the excitement department and plays out a little to much on the side of your average soap opera.

The acting as always is great, but I was a little bored by the chasing around throughout various locations for this data file.

We get some more stuff from the court of Ryo Ishida and things are not going to plan there. As Ryo is looking to hit his people with a bigger rod and is through listening to his royal adviser.

The data file turns out to lead the crew to a ship building yard, which is mysteriously vacant.

Although it took its time to get there. This episode does give us a few new bits of information.

A scene near the close of the episode sees the General talking into his computer log and he makes a comment about the independent worlds advancing much quicker than expected. It’s time to deploy Agent Zero. At this point we see Six show up on the General’s computer screen.

So the crew finding the empty Ferrous Ship Yard and now the revelation that Six could be some sort of sleeper agent. It looks like we have plenty left to look forward to in the weeks to come.

I only hope that the rest of the episodes are a little more snappier than this one. I really struggled to stay focused on the story.

Dark Matter - Give It Up, Princess
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