In Review: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

This is very much an episode for Three and Anthony Lemke puts in a fantastic performance as his character slowly becomes more and more unhinged

Synopsis: Acting on a tip from Androids friend Victor. The crew of the Raza prepare to investigate a planetary installation belonging to Dwarf Star Technologies.

Review: This episode pretty much picks up on some of the threads sawn in last weeks episode and sees the crew investigating a planetary base belonging to Dwarf Star Technologies, but wind up finding more than they bargained for.

This is very much an episode for Three and Anthony Lemke puts in a fantastic performance as his character slowly becomes more and more unhinged by the hallucinations he is having due to the anomaly on the planet.

Things are made complicated for the crew when they wind up having to work alongside a detachment from Mikkei who have an interest in some biologically engineers humanoids that Dwarf Star’s found Rook created.

As the episode progresses we learn that these humanoids have been built with the purpose of not only infiltrating the various warring corporations, but also as hosts for a mysterious group of aliens from a parallel dimension.

The acting performances in this episode are outstanding and we get some fantastic moments of humour to lighten up the mood. Notably Androids new fascination with her boobs and how best to package them.

The Mikkei detachment in this episode did much to add to the sense of tension and the interaction between them and Two was really interesting and fun to watch. Especially given that Two was doing her best to cooperate.

By the close of the episode we wind up in a situation where Two is believed dead by the others, which will make the last few episodes really fun viewing. Especially given that it involves the Raza crews doppleganger’s from the other dimension.

My one fear though is the same as everyone that has been watching. Will the show get a fourth season or are we going to wind up with a situation where the writers do not have opportunity to tie up the loose ends left by the pretty big plot developments we have seen.

Hopefully they do.

Dark Matter - The Dwarf Star Conspiracy
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