In Review: Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (Unrated & Unhinged)

Black Ops specialist infiltrates a federal prison to take down driver Frankenstein in the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race.

Synopsis: Black Ops specialist infiltrates a federal prison to take down driver Frankenstein in the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race.

Review: Having seen most of the Death Race movies old and new. I figured I’d give this latest one a while given that it was a cheap Amazon Rental at £1.99. The question is. Was it worth the small investment on my part?

The Story

Weyland Industries from the previous film ‘Death Race Inferno’ still have control of a lot of Prisons with the exception of The Sprawl, which is run by Frankenstein via an illegal race known as Death Race. Weyland Industries want to take back control of the Sprawl and are banking on Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson to infiltrate The Sprawl and take down Frankenstein. A task, which is not made easy given that the legend is bigger than the individual that wears the mask.

The Acting

Zach McGowan musters his best Clint Eastwood impersonation to take on the strong and intensely silent Connor Gibson while Danny Glover takes on the role of the cunning and rather enterprising con Baltimore Bob, who has managed to Livestream death race on the dark web.

We also see the return of Frederick Koehler as the nerdy Lists and Danny Trejo as Goldberg from the previous film.


Much like the previous films in this rebooted ‘Death Race’ series. The story very much plays second fiddle to much of the stylized action and stunt driving. In fact, there is very little story beyond Weyland wanting to take down Frankenstein and regain control of the sprawl, which is kind of like New York was in Escape From New York. A prison, which is literally the size of a small city.

The races are fun and much like previous films you have a colorful selection of characters at the starting grid, but you never feel totally invested because the only characters we really get to learn anything about is Frankenstein, who is obviously a different iteration than who we saw in the last film and Connor Gibson.

Overall. This is easily the weakest of the four Death Race films, which is most likely why its on Amazon as a £1.99 rental. That said. I’m not bitter. The gratuitous nudity and violence has put me a great frame of mind for my six monthly check at the Dentist later today.

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (Unrated & Unhinged)
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