In Review: Defenders (2017-) #5

The Punisher strikes! With the mean streets of Marvel more dangerous than ever, what could possibly make Frank Castle turn on his fellow vigilantes?

Synopsis: The Punisher strikes! With the mean streets of Marvel more dangerous than ever, what could possibly make Frank Castle turn on his fellow vigilantes? Don’t they all want the same thing? Another dangerous chapter of the hottest new team in all of the comics!

Review: Brian Michael Bendis continues his run on ‘Defenders’ by introducing The Punisher into the story.

Continuing from where last months issue left off. Willis Stryker has been transported to a high-security prison, but it is all being done off the books. His travel companion happens to be Frank Castle who isn’t pleased to see Stryker.

The conversation between Castle and Stryker is a fantastic build up to Stryker’s eventual escape. Stryker who is also known as Diamondback is going all out to provoke The Punisher aka Frank Castle. It would seem that nothing is off the table as Stryker tells Castle that his wife would not have died had he chose to be a crooked cop like the rest.

Elsewhere. Iron Fist is pretty banged up from his fight with Diamondback and Night Nurse is patching him up. This moment in the comic allows for some banter between Iron Fist and the other Defenders but also sets the stage for their desperate search for Diamond Back, who has just escaped custody. We learn this thanks to Daredevil’s superior sense of hearing.

This is a pretty decent issue, which introduces a couple more characters into the fray while wrapping things up with an ominous gun going off. We don’t know the victim or who fired the shot.

The artwork from David Marquez continues to be fairly consistent. I particularly enjoyed the few panels toward the close of the comic with Black Cat and Diamond Back as they debate who is better placed to be King Pin of crime.

I wonder who will win that debate. I mean let’s face it. Black Cat is a reformed burglar turned detective. She’s not going to break bad, is she?

I also enjoyed the panels that Marquez did, which lead up to Stryker’s escape from custody. The close up of the eyes of Frank and Stryker as the two converse and psyche each other out.

With Frank Castle injured and in the wind and Diamondback planning his next move. I look forward to seeing where all this will lead in issue 7 when it released next month.

Defenders (2017-) #5
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