In Review: Divinity III – Shadowman and the Battle of New Stalingrad

Alternate timelines are my jam!

Synopsis: The universe of Valiant’s Divinity is a universe unto itself. A universe where the Soviet Union still reigns supreme and has conquered the world. The world of Valiant, therefore, is drastically different from the one we know. Shadowman fights in the american resistance in an effort to break free of the fascist regime. With the power of the Deadside, Shadowman is the greatest asset the resistance of New Stalingrad has. However, will he be able to withstand the might of the soviet’s super powered beings as well?

When I say that I love alternate histories in fiction, I mean it wholeheartedly. The idea that a few major events can change the course of history completely engulfs the imagination. Divinity III strikes at the heart of what makes this genre so powerful. For those unfamiliar with this tangential universe, readers are given a historical timeline that cements the idea of how drastically different this world is. Yet the creative team does not let this timeline do all of the heavy lifting.  Writer Wilson does an excellent job on pacing. Yes, we do get massive changes to the landscape (i.e. an amazing statue of liberty sequence), but we also get the human element to the tale. Shadowman has constantly fought against his ties to the darkness. The struggle, the blood lust, the loss of control all inform who the character is, but when the resistance needs a heavy hitter, he, in a sense, gives himself over to the dark side in order to save his fellow members. I think this is where the book really shines.

Remember that Statue of Liberty scene I mentioned earlier? Well, the art for that panel, and the subsequent action panels are gorgeous. Robert Gil has a way of depicting absolute carnage so succinctly. The battle scenes between the soviets and the resistance are brutal, and easily convey the futility of the cause.

Divinity’s third installment is a fun divergence from the norm. Fans of The Man in the High Castle definitely should definitely check out this, and the overall series, asap.

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