In Review: Doctor Who – Heaven Sent

The Doctor is stranded alone on a strange world and must face a creature known only as 'the Veil' as his quest to Gallifrey grows closer to a conclusion.

Synopsis: The Doctor is stranded alone on a strange world and must face a creature known only as ‘the Veil’ as his quest to Gallifrey grows closer to a conclusion.

Review: This episode was always going to be a big gamble in that it was mostly Peter Capaldi’s Doctor on his own.

But I’d say the gamble paid off. Capaldi was up to the challenge in spite of the story kind of being a little obvious. Particularly when it came to the true nature of the Veil and what the Doctor was actually there for.

The interior of the castle was very much a labyrinth and the camera work combined with some really cool incidental music really held your interest.

The story was hard to watch at times. Especially if you have lost family members like myself, but at the same time it was also strangely reassuring.

As a creature the Veil was very much a kind of grim reaper, but it was not immune to the truth. Particularly when the Doctor makes a truthful confession, which is in part how the Doctor finally figures this out.

One particular thing the Doctor conveys is a story about a hybrid, which is made up of half time lord and half Dalek, which was something the timelord’s feared, but by the close of the story it turns out that the hybrid is not what the Doctor or the Timelords thought.

We get a proper look into the Doctor’s head in this story and we finally get somewhat of a big clue as to why Clara was refereed to as the impossible girl. Not really a clue as such, but possible and plausible answer.

The episode played out a little like Hog Day, but its a quest for the Doctor that is over billions of years in the making.

The only thing wrong with this story other than the fact that I had pretty much figured it out at the pre credits sequence is that the younger viewers may have found it a bit boring.

Capaldi gives a blinding performance and is helped along by some fantastic dialogue and atmospherics. I’ll probably have to re-watch this a couple of times before the finale airs next week, which sees the Doctor reconnecting with his home planet.

Doctor Who - Heaven Sent
  • Great acting and atmospheric camera work
  • Younger viewers would probably have gotten bored.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music
  • CGI

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    29 November 2015 at 3:12 pm -

    When I realized what was actually happening, I thought Captain Jack would be proud.

  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    29 November 2015 at 11:46 pm -

    It’s occurred to me that Moffat probably thinks that Clara’s arc is done, but Ashildr’s isn’t. Recall that The Doctor’s final words were “The hybrid is me.” Ashildr is Me and a hybrid of two warrior races. What if the regeneration scene in the promos is Twelve transforming Me into a full Time Lord, so she can remember what she’s forgotten and bridge the gap between humans and The High Council as a way of both forgiving and seeking revenge. In the Doctor’s mind, they deserve each other, for better and for worse.

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