In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #12

Rachael Stott pulls out all the stops in this issue as we get some wonderful facial expressions between The Doctor and the Corsair as they share some banter.

Synopsis: As the true stakes of their conflict are revealed, the Doctor joins forces with the Corsair!

Review: The first year of comic book adventures build to a grand finale as The Doctor teams with the legendary timelord the Corsair, who was first referenced in ‘The Doctors Wife’.

The Story

Having unwittingly stolen a star whale for the Hoarder. The Doctor and her rebellious old friend The Corsair find themselves prisoners and must figure out a means of escape to rescue their friends and return the Star Whale.

The Artwork

Rachael Stott pulls out all the stops in this issue as we get some wonderful facial expressions between The Doctor and the Corsair as they share some banter. But the showstopper has to be on page 17 through 18 where we see the Tardis dematerialize around Yaz, Graham, and Ryan who are being held captive in what looks like a birdcage.

The colour work from Enrica Eren Angiolini is absolutely gorgeous and really compliments Stott’s line work. I loved how the art team played with light and shadow on page 21 when Time Agency. Acting on information provided to them by The Doctor manages to catch up with The Hoarder.


Jody Houser has done a wonderful job throughout this first year of comic book adventures for the 13th Doctor. As I’ve hinted in the past. I think she does a better job of fleshing out the characterizations and interactions than the TV writers do.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of the Corsair in this story. She is a character that first got mentioned in Neil Gaiman’s brilliant episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, but to my knowledge has never been seen in the comics until now, but I could be wrong about that.

Either way. I loved the banter between the Doctor and the Corsair. It put me in the mind of the banter shared by the various incarnations of the Doctor in the multi-Doctor episodes and stories. It also allowed the Doctor to talk about how important her human companions are to her.

The Hoarder made for an interesting villain and I enjoyed the fact that Corsair and The Doctor are duped into aiding his cause.

Overall. I have really enjoyed this comic and this story arc. I’d love to see the Corsair again in future issues. Why the BBC haven’t used her in the TV series is beyond me.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #12
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