In Review: Doom Patrol – Cult Patrol

Willoughby Kipling conscripts the Doom Patrol into helping him avert the end of the world by stopping a nihilistic cult. 

Synopsis: Willoughby Kipling conscripts the Doom Patrol into helping him avert the end of the world by stopping a nihilistic cult.

Review: Mark Sheppard steals the show as Willoughby Kipling.

The Story

When Willoughby Kipling senses that the end of the world is near. He enlists some help from Doom Patrol to try and stop the worst from happening. To this end, he sends Crazy Jane and Robot Man into another dimension to close some sort of interdimensional gate and things get weird real fast.

The Acting

Mark Sheppard absolutely rocks as Willoughby Kipling who is kind of very similar to John Constantine only without the cheeky scouse accent. But that said Sheppard absolutely owns the role and steals the show from the very first second that he appears.

I’m continuing to enjoy the strange antagonistic love-hate relationship that is forming between Robot Man and Crazy Jane. Diane Guerrero and Brendan Fraser are both doing an excellent job of selling the relationship of a rather uneasy father and daughter type thing.

April Bowlby gets some wonderful scenes with Ted Sutherland as Elasti Woman and Elliot Patterson who the Doom Patrol have been sort of assigned to protect.


This was a rather trippy episode, which uses a lot of magic and alternate dimensions. The big selling point is the acting as we get wonderful performances from all actors concerned. But unfortunately, nothing gets concluded in the episode, which means we’ll definitely need to watch next week in order to be able to make any sense of it.

Mark Shepperd is brilliant as always and the role of Willougby Kipling fits him like a glove. I love the fact that he is using old Beatles songs for his various spells and incantations, which are in Latin of course.

We get left with a full-on cliffhanger this week. So next week is going to be a must watch. If only to find out how this will all end.

Doom Patrol - Cult Patrol
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