In Review: Doom Patrol – Jane Patrol

Things get really creepy and weird this week as we journey through Crazy Janes mind. 

Synopsis: Jane retreats in The Underground, a treacherous place deep within her own mindspace, where she encounters her many personas and dark traumas of the past.

Review: Things get really creepy and weird this week as we journey through Crazy Janes mind.

The Story

Picking things up from last weeks story. Jane is unconscious and cannot be revived. So with a bit of help from Negative Man’s negative energy, a link is formed between Robot Man and Crazy Jane that allows him to look for her in her mindscape.

Along the way. We meet a number of Janes other personas such as Hammerhead, Penny Farthing, and Silver Tongue to name a few.

Jane is being drawn to a place in her mind called the well, which is a place where none of her personalities would ever go because it means death. It also means a confrontation with her abusive father.

With some help from Penny Farthing. The Robot Man looks for Jane with the intent to try and bring her back to the surface.

The Acting

Diane Guerrero puts in a great performance this week as we get to see a few more sides to Jane’s character and seeing her interact with the physical incarnations of Janes other persona’s was a real treat. Penny Farthing who was played by Anna Lore is sort of an interpreter of Janes inner world for Robot Man and she does a wonderful job.


This was a fantastic episode, which is a great character building story for Jane and Robot Man. The scenes between Robot Man and Penny Farthing were a lot of fun. As were the scenes where Robot Man meets Hammerhead for the first time.

The world of Janes mind is full of metaphor and memories and is a really strange and tripped out place. I loved the scene where Robot Man and Penny Farthing get to a memory of Janes first meeting with him. A moment that Penny Farthing claims was the beginning of Janes gradual breakdown.

Just how this will play into the overall story arc remains to be seen. But I suspect Crazy Jane is going to be key to getting The Chief back from Mr. Nobody. And having now faced her demons. She will probably be a lot tougher to break down.

Doom Patrol - Jane Patrol
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