In Review: Game Of Thrones: Clash Of Kings #5

Even the light can bring harm.

Synopsis: Tyrion and Davos are two men trying to do the best they can. The men they serve are tyrannical at best.  All the good they can accomplish, if allowed some sway, is constantly in jeapordy. Tyrion is faced with the political realities of King’s Landing with his monstrous nephew on the throne, and Davos attempts to lead the obstinate Stannis while the red woman garners more influence over him. It is a difficult time for both men, and the deadly game is far from over.

Review: In Westeros, there are no easy truths. The truth isn’t something that rights wrongs; it usually means that harder choices are laid before a person. This is the case with both Tyrion and Davos. The men discover unsettling things. Tyrion realizes that, as hand of the king, he is playing a game where being three steps ahead means that at least 4 people have outmaneuvered you. Ser Davos attempts to reconcile the Stannis he once knew to the man he serves now. This Stannis will accomplish his goal even if it means sacrificing the gods of his people. It makes for a quite entertaining read.

It is sometimes difficult to convey the gravity of a situation in a comic series without any action. The pace for this issue is slower, and there is a great deal of dialogue to get through. The tension is exchange between Tyrion himself, the man he removes from office, and spymaster Varys. The art team demonstrates this by facial expressions and tight closeups. Seeing Tyrion’s face in a goblet, it makes you feel as if every detail matters because it does.

Clash of Kings remains interesting even through the sections where pieces are being moved. The entire issue is about moving pieces around the board, and the series continues to orchestrate this well.

Game Of Thrones: Clash Of Kings #5
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