In Review: Gotham: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

Ivy tracks a secret project on which Wayne Enterprises is working and begins to target anyone that can give her information.

Synopsis: Ivy tracks a secret project on which Wayne Enterprises is working and begins to target anyone that can give her information. Meanwhile, Jerome becomes obsessed with Penguin in Arkham. Also, Gordon begins to second guess his deal with Sofia and an unsettling dream sequence shakes up Bruce.

Review: This episode mostly concerns Ivy Pepper’s return and the rebirth of Poison Ivy. Peyton List does a fantastic job of channeling Ivy’s seductive and twisted nature as she wreaks havoc with her ability to both hypnotize and murder her victims in a variety of cruel ways. All of which involve plant life of some sort or other.

The hallucinogenic dreams that Bruce has when he is infected by Ivy’s toxin are really rather dark and involve Bruce literally meeting himself and having to accept and reconcile his inner darkness. These dream scenes allowed the writers to briefly re-introduce Ra’s al Ghul in a fairly twisted moment in which the infamous villain slices Bruce Wayne’s face off. The CGI of the faceless Bruce Wayne was really effective and quite scary.

Ivy, of course, is after information regarding Project M, which as it turns out has a connection to Ra’s Al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit. As to what she will do with the project is going to allow for some interesting possibilities.

In Arkham. Penguin is pretty much getting his ass handed to him by Jerome and his gang. This might well lead to Penguin eventually escaping with Jerome with perhaps some help from Riddler, but it will be interesting to know the price that Riddler will expect from Penguin who has betrayed his old friend on numerous occasions.

Overall. There was a lot to get through in this episode, but we end up with a Bruce Wayne looking to repair his relationship with Alfred and embrace his true calling, which can only mean that we’ll get to see a bit more of the younger Batman in future episodes.

Gotham: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness
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