In Review: Happy! – What Smiles Are For

Nick enlists Happy's help to make some money.

Synopsis: Nick enlists Happy’s help to make some money.

Review: Picking up from where things left off last week. Nick has gotten away from the hospital and is on the run from various mob factions. In order to continue his evasion of these groups. Nick gets Happy to help him out at the poker table.

Meanwhile, Amanda Hanson is looking for her missing daughter Hailey and goes to Nick’s former Detective partner for help.

This was a hilarious and trippy episode, which was bookended by a dream involving Nick being a guest on the Jerry Springer show. Basically, Nick is having difficulty dealing with the fact that he has a daughter. The Jerry Springer segment at the beginning and close of the episode were mildly amusing. The real laughs come when Nick realizes that Happy can be useful to help him win a few games of poker.

Christopher Meloni continues to channel his inner Bruce Willis as Nick Sax while Patten Oswalt is brilliantly childish and chaotic as the voice of Happy. But it is Bryce Lorenzo who puts in a very mature performance as young Haley that really should be considered for praise here. She has a wonderful scene where she is talking to one of the other kidnapped kids and it is played with an incredible amount of depth and sincerity for such a young actor. 

Whereas episode one was mostly setting the world up. This second outing got a little more into the characters and their motivations. And it looks very much like Nick Sax is not only going to be hunted by various mob factions, but we can expect there to be a few crooked police officers on his tail as well.

Overall. A fun second episode with enough over the top cartoon-style violence to satisfy any fan of such things.

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