In Review: Hit-Girl #6

On the second stop of her crime-fighting world tour, Mindy is locked, loaded, and ready to seriously mess up some Canadians.

Synopsis: On the second stop of her crime-fighting world tour, Mindy is locked, loaded, and ready to seriously mess up some Canadians. Follow MARK MILLAR’s psychotic, 12-year-old Hit-Girl as she unravels a drug trafficking operation in the frozen north—and leaves a trail of blood in her wake.

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off. Mindy is still caught in the bear trap and looks like she is about to be lunch. Thankfully she is saved by a kindly man who literally lives the life of Grizzly Adams. I.E. no internet, TV or phone. He just lives off the land.

Much fun is had as Mindy adapts to living off the grid while recovering from the wounds picked up by the bear trap.

Jeff Lemire has loads of fun with the back and forth dialogue having Mindy drop her usual colorful phrases in the presence of the man that saved her from the bear.

Of course, the leader of the drug traffickers is out for blood and looking to track Hit-Girl down. The dialogue of him talking to his men about what a complete pussy his son is raised a few chuckles as did his efforts to gather up a hunting posse.

Overall. This issue was a bit of a low set for what I can only see as being total carnage in the next issue.

Eduardo Risso’s artwork continues to be strong. I especially liked the panels concerning the bear and Mindy’s initial struggles to walk once she was back on her feet. I also thought the interiors of the wood cabin were very nicely drawn and colours and the dream sequence with Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy were also good fun.

I also really enjoyed the relationship that seemed to be building between the old man and Mindy and hope we get to see that developed a little in next months issue, which will most likely have shed loads of action given how this issue closed out.

Hit-Girl #6
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