In Review: Houdini And Doyle: The Maggie’s Redress

Conan Doyle, Houdini and Constable Adelaide Stratton investigate the murder of a nun in a notorious Magdalene laundry.

Synopsis: Conan Doyle, Houdini and Constable Adelaide Stratton investigate the murder of a nun in a notorious Magdalene laundry.

Review: This opening episode of the new supernatural crime drama ‘Houdini And Doyle’ gets off to a rapid start and the chemistry between Stephen Mangan and Michael Weston as the shows two leads is really strong.

With Conan Doyle we have a person that wants to believe in life after death and is interested in the science of the supernatural while Harry Houdini is far more the pragmatist who believes that when we die we die and there is nothing else after. This is very true to the true life Harry Houdini who made it his mission to expose psychic mediums as nothing but an impressive circus act designed to exploit the grief of others.

What is particularly fun is the fact that Conan Doyle encounters one such medium in the episode.

This first investigation is a particularly good one to start off with and establish the characters. We see Houdini and Conan Doyle bicker quite often throughout the story as their apposing view points on the supernatural has them butting heads, but is also a useful tool. In order to keep them from getting physical with each other and to keep them honest they are helped by Constable Adelaide Stratton. The only female police officer working the beat. Playing this role is Rebecca Liddiard who puts in a pretty confident performance and manages to hold her own when sharing scenes with the two main characters.

The special effects and CGI in this show are really well done. The depiction of London during the early 20th century is impressively done and eerily  feels as much of a character than the actors on the show.

The actual mystery seems to be a ghost of a young woman that has been dead for six months and is killing off nuns that were cruel to her. Of course by the close of the story we learn that there is a scientific explanation for the ghost and the the actual murderer is a person. But there are a couple of clever twists and red herrings thrown at you along the way.

If you enjoy crime drama with quirky characters and clever twists. Then I think you will probably like this show. I’ll be sure to tune in for the next episode when it airs later this week.

Houdini And Doyle: The Maggie's Redress
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