In Review: Humans – Episode 7

Karen seeks out George as she tries to track down Niska, while Laura provides the fugitive synths with a safe hiding place as Hobb closes in on them.

Synopsis: Karen seeks out George as she tries to track down Niska, while Laura provides the fugitive synths with a safe hiding place as Hobb closes in on them.

Review: With this being the penultimate episode you’d expect a great deal to happen, but unfortunately short of the predictable ending where Hobb catches up with Leo and the synths not all that much really happens.

Karen kicks the episode off when she tracks down George and reveals her true synth self. It is revealed at this point that she was made in the image of Leo’s real mother, but Leo rejected her, which led to her being separated from the synth family and left to fend for herself.¬† This is really the sort of reveal that should have happened a few episodes back. Ultimately after accidentally killing George and failing to kill Niska she helps Hobb in his search and asks that he destroy her with her synth brothers and sisters.

While all of this is happening Leo having reunited with Fred make a heroic rescue attempt of their brother Max who as you remember chucked himself in the river to buy Leo some time to escape the police and Hobb. Upon finding Max the two take him back home to Laura’s place and enlist the help of Mattie, Niska and everyone else in and effort to save Max.

Unbeknownst to everyone, but perfectly predictable to the more observant viewers out there. Fred has been implanted with a tracking device, which allows Hobb to finally catch up with him and the other synths, which he pretty much does by the close of the episode.

Amid all this action there are a few kitchen sink moments where Mia (The synth formally known as Anita) tries to play counselor to Laura and there is a nice sequence where Laura’s little girl teaches Niska how to play.

If this series is picked up for a second run. I hope the writers and production team do something about the pacing. It’s one thing saying that they are doing a philosophical show, but for me the sense of danger and Hobb haven’t felt anywhere near threatening enough to even warrant the conversation that the writers are attempting to have with the audience.

As ever there are some solid acting performances coming from Colin Morgan and the rest of the synth cast who all did especially well given that there was very little for them to work with.

Humans - Episode 7
  • The ending
  • The reveal of Karen and her betrayal of the other Synths should really have happened a couple of weeks ago.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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