In Review: Immortal Brothers – The Tale of the Green Knight

Valiant serves up comedic gold old school.

Synopsis: While recovering from the dreaded con-crud, Faith’s boyfriend, Obadiah Archer (half of the Archer & Armstrong duo) reads her the familiar tale of the Green Knight that walked into the midst of King Arthur’s court. The thing is…this story is slightly different. Plus, familiar faces from the present find themselves as integral parts of the tale. It is the story we all know but now we know they truth…kinda…maybe? Whatever the case may be, the tale of the green knight will never be the same again.

Review: Valiant never ceases to amaze me with the types of stories they churn out. This book is an homage to the classics both old and new. The Green Knight is something that is familiar to any lover of literature, or english majors who need to get through british literature (I was both.). Furthermore, the scenes between Archer and Faith are straight out of The Princess Bride. Just referencing these two things isn’t what makes this one-shot work. The magic comes from how self-aware this ludicrous story has become. Seeing Armstrong, the eternal warrior, and the time-walker as mythic characters is downright hilarious. This fellowship puts the fun in dysfunctional.

This book looks like every cover for any Dungeons & Dragons rulebook or player’s guide. Which means Nord and Henry did their jobs spectacularly. Immortal Brothers attempt at emulating the sword and sorcery genre is a smashing success. The style is not easy to create and maintain throughout an entire issue, but the art team does so elegantly. The Green Knight looks utterly eldritch, and the final few pages with the Lady of the Lake are gorgeous and memorable. Bonus: meeting “Merlin” for the first time is side-splitting funny.

Full disclosure: I don’t ready many comedy books from Valiant. By no means do I think they are sub par, but I sometimes find it difficult to read humor comics from any publisher. There is just something that doesn’t always resonate with me as a reader, yet when a book such as Immortal Brothers gets the formula so right, I can’t help but be a fan. It is just the shame that this issue was a one-shot because I would love to travel with these scrappy travelers indefinitely.

Immortal Brothers - The Tale of the Green Knight
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