2027 sees a traumatic year for the Lions family.

Synopsis: Daniel embarks on a quest to bring Viktor home, while Celeste takes revenge.

Review: 2027 sees a traumatic year for the Lions family.

The Story

With a hung parliament. The UK is in limbo as Viv Rook holds all the cards and works on forcing another general election.

2027 for the Lions family sees Daniel planning and trying to execute a daring plan to rescue Viktor from Madrid where he is awaiting deportation back to his native Ukraine. But things become more urgent when an extreme left-wing government comes to power and begins to pick away and undo some of the progressive laws that more reasonable center-left governments had created.  One of which is laws to do with Gay rights.

Daniel gets some help off of his sister Edith to formulate a plan to get Viktor back into the UK. But sadly it ends in tragedy for both Viktor and the Lions family.

The other big event sees Celeste exposing Stevens affair to the family, which creates difficulties for him as he is thrown out of the family home by Gran.

In regards to technology and new foods featured this week. We learn that the common signature has been replaced by a breath authentication system. And thanks to Rose’s new Enterprise. We learn that Acorn Burgers and Paper Burgers are now a part of the British menu. The latter taste better than they sound.

The Acting

Russell Tovey gets some great material to work with this week and absolutely nails it. And it is in no small part down to some great writing and a brilliant supporting performance from Maxim Baldry who has been doing an awesome job of playing Viktor.

Also, credit must go to T’Nia Miller who has a brilliant scene where she exposes Steven’s infidelity to the entire Lyon’s family.


This was a fantastic episode, which ended with absolute tragedy and a strong hint that things are likely to get worse for the Lyons family before they get better. In fact, given that Viv Rook is now prime minister. Things couldn’t really get any worse.

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