In Review: InferNoct #1

The things that go bump in the night often have razor sharp teeth.

Synopsis: A young woman named Sam has taken a job as a home care specialist. Her first day on the job seems a little bizarre. The gothic looking house seems straight out of a classic horror movie, the elderly man she is to care for seems like a complete shut in, and something seems to be lurking in the shadows of the home. It doesn’t take too long for Sam to realize that something is terribly wrong. When the horrors emerge from the darkness, Sam’s life will forever be changed.

Review: InferNoct #1 is a quietly off-putting book. The opening pages shows us that something completely horrific and possibly apocalyptic. A lone figure seems prepared for what they are about to witness, but what is great about this panel is that we only see the periphery of whatever twisted nightmare lies beyond. It is a strong motif of this debut issue. It is reminiscent of Lovecraft. (Normally, when people say this, they just mean tentacle monsters and that god that shall remain nameless. However, I mean it in the gothic tension building aspect.) It is one of the strongest aspects of this series.

The colors for issue one are perfect for the series. The use of varying shades of green really draws the attention of eye. Green often conveys a sense of the natural, but in this case it has an otherworldly, sickly hue to it. Conversely, the yellow used for the lamps conjures feelings of safety and normalcy. In the face of the void, the lamps are the last bastion. All of these elements create the perfect backdrop for the creatures that are finally revealed at the end of the issue.

InferNoct #1 is a bizarre book, but it works for what the series is trying to do. While I still don’t know what exactly is happening, it seems like a solid start.

InferNoct #1
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