In Review: Jekyll And Hyde – The Reaper

Robert and Ravi race against time to find the parasite-infected Jack but, when things take a turn for the worse, Robert devises a way to free himself from the MIO for good.

Synopsis: Robert and Ravi race against time to find the parasite-infected Jack but, when things take a turn for the worse, Robert devises a way to free himself from the MIO for good.

Review: This episode picks up from where last week left off. Spring Heeled Jack is on the loose and Robert who is resisting the urge to turn into Hyde via a new method of administering his medication is hunting Jack with Ravi in the hopes of trying to save Jacks life from the Parasite known as the Reaper.

Unfortunately for them MIO have other ideas and kill Jack in a stand off, which prompts the parasite to seek out a new host in the form of Ravi who was the closest person to it at the time.

Robert runs off with Ravi to his lab and begins to immediately look at a way of getting the parasite out of Ravi without killing him.

Meanwhile Tenebre have a way of spying on Jekyll using a conduit between a Frogs eye and the parasite inside Ravi. Thankfully Jekyll figures this out pretty quickly and then later uses it to his advantage.

Jekyll figures out that the only way to kill the parasite is to use the chemical that is the only thing on earth that can kill monsters or keep them at bay. The very same chemical, which he used in order to keep hyde at bay. Essentially meaning the he will have to kill Ravi to get the parasite out of him, but then bring him back to life with a small dose of Hydes blood.

While in the process of executing his plans Jekyll transforms into Hyde and working with his friends he proceeds to lure some of Tenebre’s foot soldiers to Bella’s in order to test for the right dosage of the chemical that they will need to get the parasite out of Ravi. Upon achieving this Hyde works with Bella to lure Bullstrode the head of MIO into her bar and proceed to threaten him with the parasite, which has now emerged from Ravi.

This is a fantastic episode with loads and loads of plot and something for pretty much most the major cast members to do.

We catch a brief glimpse of Captain Dance who is slowly regenerating, but in dire need of the energies that the parasite is harvesting, which is something he’ll be likely waiting a long time for.

We have some fabulous performances from Donald Sumpter and Natalie Gumede but the best performance has to go to Michael Karim who as Ravi has to convince us all that he is being possessed by the parasite, and although helped with some bloody good sound design. He does a pretty good job of pulling it off. 

Tom Bateman once more puts in a great performance as both Jekyll and Hyde and has a fantastic scene with Richard E. Grants Bullstrode toward the end of the episode, which makes things interesting for next weeks instalment, which features a vampire.

Jekyll And Hyde - The Reaper
  • Fantastic plotting and some strong performances
  • I was sad to see Spring Heeled Jack killed off.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music & Sound Design

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