In Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire – Episode 9 – Bad Taxidermy

Jessica meets up with Sam to drink some bad booze and share what she learned from Jamie’s phone.

Synopsis: Jessica meets up with Sam to drink some bad booze and share what she learned from Jamie’s phone.


The Story

Jessica arranges to meet up with Sam for a drink at Luke Cage’s bar. While waiting she manages to have a brief conversation with Luke who suggests that she stay at his bar for a few days so she at least has some meta-human back up should Shaw send more men after her. When Sam doesn’t turn up. Jessica sends them a text to find that they are across the road. So Jessica crosses to meet Sam and they retire to an old fashioned out of the way Gentlemens Club and share some cheap wine while Jessica asks Sam a series of questions about Jamie and the events that led up to his death. When Jessica tells Sam that she suspects Shaw was involved in Jamie’s death. They are not all that surprised.


The Narration

Once again Fryda Wolff knocks it out of the park with her narration. I particularly enjoyed the sequence between Luke Cage and Jessica when Luke was trying to ascertain what had happened to her, which was a bit like pulling teeth. Wolff just about managed to lower her voice enough to do a fairly convincing Luke Cage and make the conversation between him and Jessica just about believable.

The main action in this chapter takes place when Jessica is interviewing Sam. The brief part where Sam talks about Shaw and says that they’d just about believe anything about him was pretty fun, but it was interesting how defensive she got when Jessica showed her the photo of Jamie and his friend at the door of Nova Naledi and implied that Diane might be involved. For this particular plot point, Wolff manages to find an extra octave to express Sams’s defense of Diane.



The longest chapter we have had in a few weeks, but also a solid chapter in terms of character development and story beats. I can’t wait to see the results of the sneaky meeting that Jessica has set up using Sams’s phone.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire - Episode 9 - Bad Taxidermy
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