In Review: Killjoys – Baby, Face Killer

After what was a bit of a slow start to the season. This fourth season is finally beginning to unravel as more story threads begin to unravel

Synopsis: Team Awesome faces off with a relentless, deadly assassin whose arrival is triggered by their examination of the memory Khlyen altered in Dutch’s mind. While Pree searches for his missing husband on Westerley, Zeph struggles to save Pip from an unexpected medical complication.

Review: This was a fantastic episode with tons of story and character development. It was also an episode, which gave us time to get to know D’avin and Delle Seyah’s two-day-old son who is now in the body of a 12-year-old due to the genetic complications that the crew had to deal with and sort out last week.

When Dutch finds some meaning in the memory that was altered by Khlyen it opens up a whole barrel of worms in that it alerts an assassin to her location.

The Story

I really liked the fact that Dutch tried to take her nephew under her wing and began to train him in the ways of becoming an assassin. Understandably D’avin has issues with this because he feels that Dutch is taking matters way to far. Which creates some conflict between the two.

What I also liked was the gradual reveal of D’avin’s son’s ability’s, which border on being somewhat precognitive in that he seems to be able to see stuff happening a little before it happens.

The storyline concerning Pree looking for his Husband who was taken by Hullen in last week’s episode ties in with the kids being kidnapped by Hullen. We do not get any clear answers as to why the Hullen are taking kids from Westerley, but the Killjoys now know that the Hullen has taken over the RAC.

Also good was the storyline focusing on Zeph trying to help Pip. We learn that Pip has had some sort of spider implanted in his brain, which has fused itself to the Amygdala, which regulates emotions and motivations. Turns out this is what caused Pip to betray the Killjoys in last weeks episode. The scenes with Pip and Zeph has she attempts to remove the spider are really well acted. I think its great that the newest members of the Killjoy’s team got some great moments this week.

The Acting

Hannah John-Kamen and Luke Macfarlane have some brilliant scenes as they argue over what is good for D’avin’s son who has chosen to call himself Jaq. While the scenes between Kelly McCormack and Atticus Mitchell with regards to Pip’s brain spider showed a great deal of maturity and character growth for the newest members of the Killjoy’s team.


After what was a bit of a slow start to the season. This fourth season is finally beginning to unravel as more story threads begin to unravel some of the overall story arcs.

Who is the mysterious assassin that Dutch saw in her memory’s of her first meeting with John Jacobi? Why did an assassin come after Dutch when she tried to seek the female assassin from her memories out. Is this secret assassin the physical embodiment of the Lady or is she something else?

These are just some of the questions that we’ll likely be pondering for the next few weeks as the series rolls along.

Killjoys - Baby, Face Killer
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