In Review: Killjoys – Bro-d Trip

Chased by a murderous posse, John tries to manipulate D'avin into helping him find a green plasma pool

Synopsis: Chased by a murderous posse, John tries to manipulate D’avin into helping him find a green plasma pool, while the abandoned Delle Seyah matches wits with the prison planet’s warden and the RAC’s rescue team’s efforts hit a deadly roadblock when a steadfast ally seemingly turns on them.

Review: Johnny continues to be affected by the green plasma and it’s not good because he’s pretty much slowly losing his mind. The internal battle between the two sides of Johnny’s personality is at odds and its only the hallucinations of Dutch that seem to be keeping him grounded when he is not torturing D’avin with his plans to use him as a green plasma detector.

Elsewhere on the planet, Delle Seyah is at odds with the criminal organ harvester who has captured her. He is very interested in extracting Delle Seyah’s unborn child and is not being too successful in his efforts to do so. Mayko Nguyen puts in a wonderful performance here and gets some fantastic one put-downs. 

The RAC team consisting of Pree Zeph and Pippin have finally found Dutch’s ship, but the ships A.I. Lucy has closed down all the vital systems in order to protect its self until Johnny, Dutch or Da’vin return. This, of course, causes problems for Zeph and the team because every system they try to access on the ship turns against them. With life support turned off and the Killjoys slowly suffocating it’s only Zephs memory of a random song that Johnny used to play that wakes the ships A.I. up to a point where she reactivates life support.

Back on the planet. Johnny’s condition is getting worse and the trust between him and D’avin is wearing very thin.

Overall. This was a really strong episode, which concluded by bringing the team back together after having spent about 2 weeks on separate intersecting storylines.  There are some funny moments as always. Such as the convenient and somewhat awkward relationship happening between Zeph and Pippin after their panic sex from last weeks episode. As well as some of the quick-witted back and forth between Johnny and D’avin.

We are left with a few burning questions though. Questions like what happened to Dutch when she was in the Green? Is the woman that returned from the Green really Dutch or is it Aneela or the Lady? Will the team be able to save Johnny from the psychosis he is suffering with as a result of his taking the green?

I guess we’ll find out in next weeks show. But 7 days is an awfully long wait.

Killjoys - Bro-d Trip
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