In Review: Killjoys – Greening Pains

With D'avin's newborn son's life on the line, the trio take desperate measures to save him. 

Synopsis: With D’avin’s newborn son’s life on the line, the trio takes desperate measures to save him.

Review: After the last few weeks of serious drama. The Killjoy’s give us a somewhat more of a comedic episode to lighten the tone a little.

When D’avin and Delle Seyah’s son starts to age prematurely due to the hullen makeup of his genetics the team must seek help from a former associate of Pip’s who is a big deal onboard of a pleasure space porn known as Utopia, which makes Mos Eisley look like amateur hour.

The team hits a snag when they learn that Pip’s former associate has uploaded his consciousness to become the ultimate computer AI.

Elsewhere Turin has learned that the Hullen are taking kids from Westerley and has sent Fancy to investigate. But it seems that is the least of Turin’s problems given that a bunch of the captured Hullen on his ship of taken flight.

The Story

This storyline had a ton of quick action beats and blink and you’d miss it moments, but it also had its fair share of comedy as well. I particularly loved the scenes where Dutch and the team were planning their assault on the complex where Pip’s friend was hiding out. They did a series of cheeky action poses when they were discussing their plans.

It was also great to see Pip involved in the story again. Even though he pretty much showed signs of reverting back to his old selfish ways toward the end.


Overall. Aside from D’avin’s son prematurely aging and the fact that the Hullen are stealing children from Westerley. I’m not too sure what else this episode contributed to the overall arc of the series. It seemed to be a breezy and fun affair to offer fans a bit of respite from the emotional drama’s that they have followed over the last few weeks.

We got very little from Delle Seyah this week. I really missed her general bitchiness and sense of superiority over the Killjoys. She really is a fun character to watch and much missed this week.

Hopefully, things will be back on track next week.

Killjoys - Greening Pains
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