In Review: Killjoys – Heist, Heist, Baby

The series unleashes yet more of its mythology as we learn the truth about Dutch and her relationship to the Green and Aneela.

Synopsis: The team come up with a way to disrupt the Hullen.

Review: The series unleashes yet more of its mythology as we learn the truth about Dutch and her relationship to the Green and Aneela.

Dutch having learned of her origins has chosen to take a back seat and thus D’Avin has taken command of the army, but a plan is needed to give them a chance against the Hullen Armada.

Thankfully Johnny has developed a scheme that could well work, but it requires that the team steal a piece of technology called a Pulse, which when used correctly can disrupt how the Hullen communicate.

Meanwhile Aneela has just regained control of the Hullen fleet after torturing Gandor to within an inch of his life, but it is nothing compared to what the newly pregnant Kendry has planned for him.

Aneela tells Kendry about the Lady who is trapped in the Green and trying to get out, which pretty much reveals what Gandor was up to when he used Angela’s research to impregnate Kendry.

Could Kendry’s unborn child be the Ladies way out of the green?

In order to obtain the pulse weapon they need. Dutch, D’Avin and Johnny have one last Heist, which turns into a double cross, but eventually ends with all parties getting what they want.

Dutch reveals the truth of her origins to D’Avin and tells him that he needs to remain the leader of the army.

Some great performances in this episodes and loads of hilarious innuendoes, which do much to lighten the tone of what is a very dark episode. Especially where it concerns the fate of Dutch and how it all ties in with the consequences of her mission to kill Aneela.

As always Hannah John-Kamen does a great job of her duel role and Aaron Ashmore provides us with some of the funniest innuendo’s as he lays out the plan to D’Avin.

I look forward to seeing how all of this resolves if indeed it does.

Killjoys - Heist, Heist, Baby
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